Three 俄亥俄州 Wesleyan Students Earn Awards to Support International Learning Experiences


特拉华,俄亥俄州 -三名俄亥俄州卫斯理大学学生获得了2020年的奖学金 本杰明一. 吉尔曼国际奖学金 从美国.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

beta365苹果app students earning competitive Gilman Scholarships this spring and fall are sophomore 耶利米安德森 of Dayton, 俄亥俄州; senior 巫女哈珀 of Sandy Springs, Georgia; and senior 此举使马利克 俄亥俄州都柏林.

The scholarships help to fund study-abroad experiences that foster mutual understanding between peoples of the United States and other countries. 末你.S. 代表. 本杰明·吉尔曼, R-New纽约, 奖学金的获得者, has said living and learning abroad provides students “a deeper understanding of their place in the world, 鼓励他们成为一个贡献者, 而不是国际社会的旁观者.”


耶利米安德森 is an 俄亥俄州 Wesleyan 黑人世界的研究 and psychology double major. 当学校恢复国际旅行时, 他打算用他的4美元,10万吉尔曼奖学金,前往伊林加农村, 坦桑尼亚, 他将在哪里参与社区发展, 语言文化项目. The program is administered by the Council On International Educational Exchange

“I chose this program because I am immensely dedicated to the improvement of those within the African diaspora,安德森说:“. “我打算成为一名直言不讳的黑人社区活动家, 教育大众, striving towards a future that ensures 股本 despite our respective identities, and lending my voice and education towards the continuous battle to end systematic and institutional racism.”

Anderson also hopes his time in East Africa helps him to identify the path he will follow after graduation.

“Understanding and experiencing the richness of my chosen country and the entire continent will give greater clarity to where I am headed in life post-beta365苹果app,”他说, noting that he chose 俄亥俄州 Wesleyan because of its location and beta365苹果app连接 program.

这所大学的标志性项目, beta365苹果app连接 helps students to think big (understand issues from multiple academic disciplines), 走向世界(获得国际视野), and get real (translate classroom knowledge into real-world experience. 学习更多在 raplc.com/connection.


巫女哈珀 is a 黑人世界的研究 and theatre double major and a dance minor. 她希望用她的3美元,500 Gilman Scholarship to participate this spring in beta365苹果app连接 Travel-Learning Course, “非洲妇女, 公共卫生, 和女权主义.经过一个学期的校园课程, 该课程计划包括为期28天的斯瓦蒂尼之旅, 莱索托, and South Africa with professors and course co-creators Dawn Chisebe (黑人世界的研究) and Phokeng Dailey (communication).

“My aspiration is to ingrain a new standard of what Black representation looks like in film, 电视, 和戏剧,哈珀说:, “特别, 通过黑人女权主义的视角创作和发展的作品. This perspective ensures the ‘a-stereotypical’ portrayal of Black women by actively pursuing the objective to expand the viewer’s perception of the Black woman’s identity while highlighting the value of her life.”

Harper said she believes her Travel-Learning Course will help her to “set the foundation for the content I plan on creating and exploring in grad school and throughout my career. …

“在吉尔曼奖学金的帮助下,”她说, “I can further expand my knowledge and perspectives of my studies on a global scale through travel.”

Harper said she chose 俄亥俄州 Wesleyan because “the school doesn’t limit my academic and intellectual pursuits. beta365苹果app is one of the few universities that would allow me to study theatre, 黑人世界的研究, and dance in addition to any other interests I may have discovered on campus.”


此举使马利克 is an beta365苹果app pre-professional medicine and pre-preprofessional zoology double major and a chemistry and women’s and gender studies double minor. 马利克希望用她的5美元,10万吉尔曼奖学金前往都柏林, 爱尔兰, to participate in a Summer STEM Research program at University College Dublin. 该项目由阿卡迪亚大学管理.

“My academic goal is to attend medical school and pursue a career in obstetrics and gynecology,马利克说:“, explaining that she hopes her 爱尔兰 experience helps her to better understand “how women’s health is practiced in another region of the world. …

“I am very passionate about understanding and learning where others come from and have fostered respect for the importance of diversity, 股本, 和包容,”她说. “This has left me with a genuine interest in visiting different countries to authentically experience different cultures, 我希望吉尔曼的经历能帮助我做到这一点.”

Malik said she chose 俄亥俄州 Wesleyan both for its smaller size and its closeness to her family home.

“I knew I needed to gradually push myself out of my comfort zone to learn and to grow, and my time here has shown me that I am ready to push those boundaries,”她说. “I’m ready to travel, explore, and learn more about myself thousands of miles from home.”

Since the Gilman International Scholarship program was established in 2001, more than 1,300 U.S. 机构, 包括俄亥俄卫斯理, 发送了超过33个,000 Gilman Scholars of diverse backgrounds to 151 countries around the globe. In 2019, 俄亥俄州 Wesleyan was recognized nationally as a Gilman Program “Greatest Growth Institution.”

吉尔曼奖学金成功地扩大了美国的奖学金范围.S. 参与出国留学, while emphasizing countries and regions where fewer Americans traditionally study. The Gilman Program is supported in its implementation by the Institute of International Education. 学习更多在 www.gilmanscholarship.org.

Founded in 1842, 俄亥俄卫斯理大学 is one of the nation’s premier liberal arts universities. 位于特拉华州, 俄亥俄州, the private university offers more undergraduate majors than many universities its size and competes in 24 NCAA Division III varsity sports. 通过其签名程序, beta365苹果app连接, 俄亥俄州 Wesleyan teaches students to integrate knowledge across disciplines, 建立多元化和全球化的视野, 并在现实世界中应用知识. 俄亥俄州 Wesleyan is featured in the book “Colleges That Change Lives” and included on the U.S. 新闻 & 《beta365苹果app》和《beta365苹果app》评选出了“最佳大学”. 学习更多在 raplc.com.