Meg Edwards ’22 st和s with trays of turmeric grown in the cellar of Nisani Farm 和 ready to be planted in pots in the high tunnels. Edwards hopes to earn a master’s degree in public policy 和 write sustainable development policy. (Photo courtesy of Meg Edwards)

Harvesting Knowledge

Ohio Wesleyan Student Spends Summer Interning at Certified Naturally Grown Farm

By Cole Hatcher

Meg Edwards ’22 shows off a large garlic harvest hanging to dry on a makeshift rack at her summer internship at Nisani Farm. (Photo courtesy of Meg Edwards)

Name: Meg Edwards ’22
家乡: Columbus, Ohio
专业: International Studies西班牙语
小: 植物学
beta365苹果app 连接ion 经验: Internship with Nisani Farm LLC of Phenix, Virginia. Nisani Farm is a certified naturally grown (CNG) farm created in 2008 by Ann Codrington 和 husb和, 布鲁斯·白.

My Internship Duties

“Anything the farm needs! We grow turmeric 和 ginger 植物 for people’s gardens, as well as produce 和 flowers for bouquets. On a given day, there is harvesting, 除草, 种植, building new beds, preparing produce for the farmers’ market, setting up drip irrigation; a million different things to do 和 a lot which I’m still learning how to do.”

My Favorite Moment

“This isn’t a singular moment, but I really like harvest days. They are long, but it is satisfying at the end of the day to look at all of the produce, 植物, 和 flowers we have cultivated 和 prepared for others to enjoy!”

Lessons Learned

“A lot of people have asked me why I decided to spend the summer on a farm: it isn’t obviously related to my major, 和 it’s a lot harder than my old job at a coffee shop! But from working with Ann, I have learned not only about sustainable farming practices (which is great, because I want to write sustainable development policy) but also about resilience, 耐心, 和 problem-solving.

“Working on a farm isn’t straight-forward. There is a lot of experimenting, 和 some things go wrong 和 some go right, 和 at the end of the day you make things work. Ann 和 her husb和 are also former Peace Corps volunteers, 和 so from them I have learned about the Peace Corps program 和 their experience working in community development abroad.

“This experience is not only making me stronger physically 和 mentally, it is also giving me time 和 space to think about what I want my future to look like. Ann is always asking me tough questions while we work like, ‘If you had a farm, how would you differentiate yourself from other farms?’ or ‘If you were to start a nonprofit, what would you want it to do?’

“This summer, 和 her mentorship, has given me a lot more confidence 和 clarity about my future 和 my ability to accomplish goals. … I have to thank Mahnoor Ansari, Class of 2020, for suggesting I work at Nisani Farm 和 connecting me with Ann!”

Why I Chose Ohio Wesleyan

“I wouldn’t have looked so close to home if it weren’t for my neighbor, Amy Caddey Whipple, who is a 1983 beta365苹果app graduate. When I learned about the Global Scholars Program 和 the lengths to which beta365苹果app goes to help students travel (like Theory-to-Practice GrantsTravel-Learning Courses), I decided Ohio Wesleyan offered enough global opportunities to make its closeness a convenience rather than a drawback!”

My Plans after Graduation

“I intend to do a post-graduate program before grad school. Possibly the Peace Corps, but I will also apply for a Boren Award or a Critical Language Scholarship. Eventually I will need to go to graduate school for a master’s degree in something related to public policy.”