俄亥俄州 Wesleyan student Makenna Huff used an beta365苹果app Theory-to-Practice Grant to study pilgrimages in historical, 宗教, 和当代语境. Her research included completing a 500-mile pilgrimage across northern Spain in summer 2014. 她沿着圣地亚哥卡米诺之路来到圣. 詹姆斯. (摄影:Makenna Huff’15)



特拉华州, 俄亥俄州——俄亥俄州卫斯理大学将奖励107美元,150 to its students and 教师 in competitive fall 2014 Theory-to-Practice Grants to support 16 research and special projects on topics ranging from water privatization in Bolivia to wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe.

自2009年秋季推出理论-实践资助计划以来, 俄亥俄州卫斯理大学已经奖励了将近1美元.两百万的大学基金给校园社区, 支持近650名俄亥俄大学学生, 教师, and staff to conduct research or complete special projects in 60 countries (including the United States), 和24 U.S. 国家/地区(包括俄亥俄州).

麦地那的老Makenna Huff, 俄亥俄州, 之前获得了一项理论到实践的资助来探索历史, 宗教, 以及宗教朝圣的当代背景. 为她的经历, the religion and mathematics double-major traveled to Spain over the summer and walked 500 miles, 沿着圣地亚哥卡米诺之路到达圣. 詹姆斯.

她的助学金资助经历, Huff said: “扩大ing my studies outside the classroom has revealed to me a new set of questions and directions for further analysis, 我期待着在beta365苹果app的最后一年去探索. I now understand that study of religion cannot be separated from its lived experience, a lesson I am grateful to have learned and which I believe was possible only through personal journey.”

俄亥俄州 Wesleyan awards two rounds of Theory-to-Practice Grants funding each academic year. 以下是最新的奖助金受奖人及他们的计划:

禽类微生物学:澳大利亚的跨学科研究,"由玛丽埃塔的小拉琳·卡特肖提交, 俄亥俄州, 和Vineland的二年级学生Nadya Sotnychuk, 新泽西. 2015年6月和7月, the beta365苹果app students will visit Australia to study the correlation between feather pigment and feather-degrading bacteria as well as compare the prevalence of feather-degrading bacteria in Australia and North America. 布鲁塞尔:欧盟事实上的首都,来自孟买的小埃里卡·沙阿提交, 印度. 2015年5月, Shah will travel to Belgium to study how the EU works and how it sustains its aims with such cultural, 经济, 和政治多样性. “Conservation and Monitoring of Green Sea Turtles and Neotropical Birds in Costa Rica,由米勒斯维尔的初级学生劳伦·基布勒提交, 马里兰, 以及特洛伊的艾米丽·韦伯, 密歇根. 在7月和8月,学生们将在海龟保护协会做志愿者. “非洲当代电影院”,”由南茜·科摩罗提交, 英语助理教授, 玛丽·安妮·刘易斯, 现代外语助理教授. 2015年5月, the 教师 members and four beta365苹果app students will attend the New York African Film Festival. “结构的探索”, 动力学, and Impact on Quality of Life of Selected Short Food Supply Chains (SFSCs) in Italy and the United States,克里斯托弗·芬克(Christopher Fink)提交, assistant professor of health and human kinetics; senior Sara Scinto of Mentor, 俄亥俄州; and junior Nathan Madonich of San Bruno, 加州. 2015年3月, 他们将前往意大利,探索选定的SFSCs的结构, including the impact on quality of life of food producers and consumers in these systems. 《beta365苹果app》(Female生殖器切割:Every Voice Makes a Difference),由米林顿大学二年级学生凯丽·温斯顿提交, 新泽西. 2015年6月至8月, 温斯顿将前往法国完成UnCut/Voices Press的实习, 致力于反对女性生殖器切割的出版商. 会计全球化:美国.S. 一般公认会计原则(US GAAP)与. 国际财务报告准则(IFRS),由马亚奎兹的前辈罗杰·斯基德莫尔提交, Puerto Rico; Steven Uhler of Brunswick, 俄亥俄州; and Joshua Townsend of Fort Worth, Texas; and Justin Breidenbach, 会计学助理教授. 2015年1月, 这个团队将前往英国探索文化, 政治, and social aspects that have led to the global evolution of IFRS while also debating its advantages and disadvantages. “Globalization and Settlement in Rural Taiwan: The Linguistic and Religious Effects of the Political Exacerbation on the Kavalan Peoples in Xinshe Village,"由托莱多的小南希·兰森提交, 俄亥俄州. 2015年7月和8月, 兰塞姆将访问台湾,研究政治之间如何相互依存, 语言, 宗教影响了一小部分语言群体, 被称为卡瓦兰. “Improving the EAE (Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis) Model for Multiple Sclerosis,由帕尔马高地的大四学生卡拉·道森提交, 俄亥俄州, 维斯特维尔的凯特琳·克罗夫, 俄亥俄州. 2015年1月至5月, the beta365苹果app students will conduct research to create a model that more closely mimics human multiple sclerosis as a means to enhance future research into possible treatments. “Memory Formation in Prolonged Sleep Deprivation,” submitted by junior Josh Brown of Willshire, 俄亥俄州. 2015年1月至5月, Brown will study the effectiveness of memory formation during a prolonged period of sleep deprivation to determine whether aerobic exercise may play a role in decreasing the usual effects. “Race and Fictional Geography: the Utopian Montmartre of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Amelie,由Ana Oancea提交, 现代外语助理教授, 和梭伦的小布丽奇特·麦奎德, 俄亥俄州. 2015年5月和6月, they will visit France to apply sociological and film studies analyses to onsite observation of the Parisian quarter of Montmartre to explain the representation of its fictional Poulain. 《beta365苹果app》,来自伯灵顿的大二学生马修·米哈菲(Matthew Mehaffy)提交的, 爱荷华州. 2015年6月至8月, Mehaffy will travel to Bolivia to research water inequality and study alternative development practices. 《beta365苹果app》,由格伦达·涅托- cuebas提交, 现代外语助理教授; sophomore Lissette Gonzalez of West Chicago, Illinois; and junior Chris MacDonald of Valencia, 加州. 2015年6月和7月, the group will travel to Spain to study how plays are adapted and produced for contemporary audiences; how theater festivals maintain their historic tradition and significance; how the Almagro Festival has become so prominent; and how the festival benefits the town, 游客, 和西班牙, 在一般情况下. “对毒品的战争还是对穷人的战争? 毒品政策, 不平等, 和恢复,由保罗·迪恩提交, assistant professor of sociology/anthropology; senior Caitlen Sellers of Blairsville, Pennsylvania; and Jennifer Jolley, 音乐助理教授. 2014年12月至2015年1月, the group will travel to Portugal to research policy alternatives to the “war on drugs.“他们将前往葡萄牙, which has decriminalized drugs and now treats drug addiction as a public health issue rather than a criminal problem. “津巴布韦的野生动物康复和社区外展,来自华盛顿镇的大三学生阿曼达·马歇尔说, 俄亥俄州. 2015年5月至7月, 马歇尔将前往津巴布韦,在Chipangali野生动物孤儿院担任志愿者, 是非洲最大最成功的康复和释放中心之一.

俄亥俄州 Wesleyan’s Theory-to-Practice Grant Program is funded through the generous support of the President’s Circle, a group of donors who have made special gifts to fund initiatives related to 俄亥俄州 Wesleyan’s Strategic Plan and beta365苹果app 连接ion curricular initiative.

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Founded in 1842, 俄亥俄卫斯理大学 is one of the nation’s premier liberal arts universities. 位于特拉华州, 俄亥俄州, the private university offers 86 undergraduate majors and competes in 23 NCAA Division III varsity sports. 俄亥俄卫斯理大学结合了挑战性, internationally focused curriculum with off-campus learning and leadership opportunities to connect classroom theory with real-world experience. 俄亥俄大学的1750名学生代表46个美国大学.S. 州和领土以及43个国家. 俄亥俄卫斯理大学在《beta365手机版》一书中有特色,” listed on the latest President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll with Distinction, 并包括在美国.S. 新闻 & 《beta365手机版》和《beta365苹果app》评选出了“最佳大学”. 更多信息请访问www.raplc.com.